Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All of value is impermanent


It has come to my attention through the excellent Laughing Bone blog that the blog which for me meant the absolute summum in weblogging, the encyclopedic and sublime Giornale Nuovo has come to an end.
This comes as a blow. For years now Mr H , the visionary archiver behind the blog, has enchanted me with the biggest marvels online. Not only did he manage to find the most rare and bizarre pieces of art, spanning the entire history of mankind, but he was able to distill his critical thoughts into a very pleasant reading. And he had a great addendum to this apogee of curiosities: he put Isaac D'israeli's "Curiosities of literature" online as well, a treasure well for a fan of 'fous littéraires' or 'kooks' as myself.
As I'm used from the writer, an very casual note appears on top of the homepage:
"A weblog was updated here between October 2002 and October 2007. Although now closed, its archives will be kept on-line until further notice"
In my opinion, this entire site should be kept as a time-capsule and protected as a monument by the United Nations. And for once I'm not being sarcastic: visit the site and if you have some decency you'll admit there's some truth in what I claim. Giornale Nuovo offered an interlinked overview of hermetic engraving, outsider art, bizarre children's books, hidden masterpieces and much more. I shall miss it dearly.

Who am I?

A question I finally decided to ask myself using one of the most advanced tools available. So I googled 'Borsky'.
Here I discovered my animus is a painter, my anima a writer (influenced by the moon), my id is an actor from Prague in the thirties, my ego a photographer from Sao Paulo, my superego's a researcher on the psychological effects of aircraft noise no less. Oh and my family probably comes from Russia. And I directed a masterpiece of experimental cinema putting all perspectives upside-down.

I finally realize some questions remain better in the shadows of a doubt.

The smile of Schrödinger's cat

"According to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle one can either acknowledge the spin or the exact location of a quantum particle. This strange idea resulted in the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox, which basically said if two particles were separated over a long distance and one was measured, information about the other could arrive at a speed faster than light, which according the the general relativity is impossible. Now Aspect used this as a model to design an experiment in which he proved the EPR was wrong. Het took apart two spinning particles, send them to two different directions, measured the spin on the first and intantaneously knew the spin on the second. According to some, information is not a physical resource and as such might travel faster than light."

The professor put down his glasses, and suddenly said: "But… if you measure the spin of a particle, don't you first have to localize it?"

Universe collapsed.
And god took the dice and gave them to the professor. "Your turn", said a hoovering voice.
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