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The founding of the ECPR

I exceptionaly translated the founding rapport. In order to read the future posts in its blog, Dutch or more precisely Flemish shall be necessary I'm afraid.

Notes from the first Druidic Conventicle
Founding rapport of the Eburonic Chapter for 'Pataphysical Research

Art. 1
The Eburonic Chapter or 'Pataphysical Research has three types of members:
The Oblates. External members, correspondants, sympathizers and critters who shine for their unconscious pataphysical characteristics.
De Ovates. The main group, full members who have applied for membership according to the rules as mentioned under Art. 2.
The Ornates. People, animals or abstract concepts: from a pure 'pataphysical point of view, they relate to the Ovates as the Ovates relate to the Oblates. Ornates reside in ethernity, and have to account to nobody.

Art. 2
In order to become an Ovate, it is necessary either to show a high 'Pataphysical profile, either to make a donation to the Morosofic(*) Dept. of the Ubulibrary. According membership is at the discrecy of a Druidic Conventicle or an Eburonic Bardo.
(*) a Morosophic book has been defined by Matthijs van Boxsel, and by Raymond Queneau and André Blavier before him, as a publication showing ideas that fall outside of consensus, and who have no followers except for the writer.
Membership is permanent, only an exceptional decision by the Anathematic Court can revoke one. Dying is by no means an excuse to abandon membership.

Art. 3
Every member has one or more titles. De worldly name might be used at will, but have only an anecdotical value.

Art. 4
The Eburonic Chapter or 'Pataphysical Research was founded on the 16th Phalle 134 by the following founding members:
The Apostatical Heresiarch. Bears the highest decision-making rank. Was elected by pure chance. Main characteristic: absence.
The Apostolical Exarch. Assists the Apostatic Heresiarch, offers a bias to the information and makes sure everything goes wrong.
The Apological Eparch. Assists both the Apostatical Heresiarch and the Apostolical Exarch and searches for stupid excuses for their sloppy management.
The Autokefalical Mafrian. The only Ovate who has to report to no one. Because of this prerogative, automatically presides the Anathematic Court.
Whenever these four highest ranking members meet, they form a Druidic Conventicle.

Founding Ovates:
The Chorepiscopic Protonotary. A member who lives in the country, keeps track of the notes of every meeting and collects them for the Blog.
The Apocalyptical Nuntius: the main responsible for the failures in the meetings. Works together with the Megalithical Gardinal.
The Megalithical Gardinal is the host and organizer of the meetings.
The Katatonical Kakapitteleer is the master of ceremonies who works together with the Apocalyptical Nuntius and the Megalithical Gardinal.
In the function of replacing the absent Apostatical Heresiarch, restrains from any activity during the meetings.
The Anacoluthical Iconoclast is responsible for all visuals.

Art. 5
Because of its highly chaotical nature, a meeting of all the members is called an Eburonic Bardo.

Art. 6
The Eburonic Chapter for 'Pataphysical Research is divided into different laboratories. Members can participate in one or more domains of research. As for now, the following chairs have been created (some Flemish expressions cannot survive translation):

The Morosophic Cabinet: researches the Flemish Morosophy, in publication or on the internet.

The Landard of Patadigmas: researches strange and unusual aspects of Dutch folk-lore and legends, according to the model provided by Charles MacKay in his 'Extroardinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds'.

The Avatary of Pataphores: does sociological research for new metaphors born from diverse interactions. Uses the model of the 'meme' but tries to discover as many dissenting interpretations as possible. Its members are called 'memebers'.

The Ambulatory of Tsimtsum: High Patakabbalistic Research. Main source: 'Towards a 'patakabbalah'.

The Saturnian Guild: responsible for all the publications of the Chapter.
Is represented through 'L'Aérolithe d'Orichalque', editor.

The Nering of Treshittery: accounts for the Phynancial side for the Saturnian Guild.

The Gymnasium of Posophy: tries to discover new acrobatical relationships between loose ideas according to the 'Po-relation' of Edward de Bono.

The Habdank Skarbek Questiorium: asks questions from the perpective of Korzybski's Anthropometer. Which questions might or might not recieve feedback from the Avatary of Pataphores.

The Erisian Sorority: accepts only women. Specializes in conspiracy and the organisation of discord. According to its nature, cannot house more than one member.
Because of internal conflicts, the chair remains empty.

The Chamber of Lexicosophical Rhetorics: researches language in a creative manner. New words, aphorisms and contradictory definitions.

The Anathematic Court: is called in whenever the internal disorder is in jeopardy, which has never happened until now.

The Catmachemical Synod: accepts only cats (living or dead). All members are Ornates by definition. Their goal is to soften all dogmas from the Science and replace them with smoother catmas. Their adaptive qualities are used to send other members on the wrong trail. Suggested reading: 'The Catmachemical Marriage of Christian von Katzenjammer'.

New chairs can be created by a Druidic Conventicle or an Eburonic Bardo.

the Chorespicopic Protonotary,

Nederlandse versie

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The Eburonic Chapter for 'Pataphysical Research

The Eburonic Chapter for 'Pataphysical Research has just been founded.
The founding Ornatic members,
the Apostatical Heresiarch,
the Apostolical Exarch,
the Apological Eparch,
the Autokefalical Maffrian
and the founding Ovatic members,
the Chorepiscopic alProtonotary,
the Apocalyptical Nuntius,
the Megalithical Gardinal,
the Catatonical Cacapitteleer and
the Anacoluthical Iconoclast
Invite you
to learn Dutch and visit the Chapter on the following blog:

Eburoons Kapittel voor 'Patafysische Vorsing

the Chorepiscopic Protonotary,
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