Saturday, December 31, 2011

Paradigms as allegories

People looking for a Grand Unifying Theory of spirituality appear to me to impoverish their life. Do they walk around in the same clothes every day of the year? IMHO consciousness can grow by trying to multiply your paradigms without searching for similarities. Crowley proposed to get into a different religion or philosophy every week to stretch your consciousness. All paradigms are allegorical representations of the total beast, like the blind men describing an elephant; to me it seems a good exercize to accept each one as a valuable part of the whole.
As such, for example, astrology as it was linked to alchemy considers two centers in the human consciousness: the main center being the earth or the body, surrounded by the seven planets: in the middle of these planets evolves the sun, or active gold, symbolizing the knowledge of the soul; on its extremities are the moon, the closest to the body, symbolizing the will or the force of life, animating the body; and on the other Saturnus, symbolizing the intelligence or Nous. Every aspect of the soul is shown between these two extremes of knowledge and will. And the sun in the middle stands for intuitive knowledge of the heart.
It seems pointless to try to combine this allegory with the 8 circuits of consciousness where rational intelligence appears in the 3rd circle; nor with the sefirotic tree of kabalah where the pharaoh or ratio appears on different sefirah depending which of the realms is considered. Yet all paradigms appear valuable to me.

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