Sunday, November 20, 2011

The world machine of Franz Gsellmann

In the Correspondancier du collège de 'pataphysique n. 11 there was an article concerning the bizarre 'world machine' of Franz Gsellmann. A simple farmer, he started combining objects and ended up building a gigantic machine with no purpose whatsoever.
After a while people started to offer him junk, which he incorporated; they even offered him tools to work on the machine which he incorporated as well. By then the machine filled an entire room of his house.
At the end of his life, after working on the machine for 22 years, he added a big question mark on top of the machine and told his wife "the machine is ready, you can do whatever you please with it" and died a few days later.

Nowadays his house has become a museum. You can find out more online: "Die Weltmaschines des Franz Gsellmann"

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