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Links 001 - Even More 'pataphysics

Through the years I have collected quite some URLs on Blogmarks. I intend to show some collections here. Today my bookmarks concerning pataphysics. All sites are in French unless when mentionned otherwise.

For older links on the same subject I refer to my other posts on this blog:
Pataphysical links
Borderline 'pataphysics
Pataphysical individuals
More 'pataphysics online
Some recent patablogs


Collective for digital 'pataphysics
In English.
"Learning about digital media through the science of imaginary solutions".
La société protectrice des enfants martyrs
In dutch. Blog mainly supported by Bastiaan van der Velden of the Bâtafysica.
Confrérie des chevaliers du Taste-Fesses
A healthy obsession of buttocks.


One of my favorite blogs. A litterary walhalla. Categories include "Ad Usum Bibliofilous", "Dernières nouvelles du Préfet Maritime" and "Les Lacunes de l’Alamblog".
By my green candle
In English. Mainly excellent photos of exclusive books.
An editor as well. Many pictures on urban typography.


Le Céphalophore Entêté
Small editor of wonderful little booklets. Publishes the magazine 'Les Nouvelles-hybrides' as well.
Reminds me of the (sadly disappeared) similarly strangely named editor of small wonderful things Le Paréiasaure Théromorphe.
Editions des Cendres
Some essential books on the subject of the 'Fous littéraires' (literary kooks)
Editions racine
Les Presses du réel
Cynthia 3000
Excellent small editor. I definitely need to get my hands on their 'Omajajari'.

Book shops

Librairie Faustroll
The main treasure cavern where most publications of the collège can be bought. The items are not cheap but then again, neither is their content. In Paris and only by appointment.
Librairie Goudemare
The other main Paris bookshop on the subject.
Librairie Va l'Heur
The third Paris bookshop on the subject.
Le Comptoir
One bookshop I'd like to visit in Liège.

Imaginary solutions

Société Perillos
Aside from some decent books on Rennes-le-Chateau and the priory of Sion, this site features some of the most bizarre claims linking the collège de 'pataphysique to an ultra-secret templar conspiracy. See also my post on the Only Maybe blog.
The museum of extraordinary objects
In German. See for some comments in English
Imaginary Museum Project
In English.

Some pataphysicians

Fernando Arrabal
Blog of the Transcendant Satrape.
Matthijs Van Boxsel
In Dutch, some parts in English. Site of a founding member of Bâtafysica, the Dutch version of the collège. The developper of Morosophy, a science which was in dire need of appearing.
Atte Jongstra
in Dutch. Site of an important member of Bâtafysica, the Dutch version of the collège.
Dirk Van Weelden
in Dutch. Site of an important member of Bâtafysica, the Dutch version of the collège.
Gerrit Komrij
One of my favourite Dutch writers' blog, featuring a typical pataphysical point of vue.
Le tampographe Sardon
A blog featuring exclusive stamps and mystifications by Vincent Sardon whose comics I discovered in the early eighties.

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