Monday, March 28, 2011

Update on Szukalski

I just read the Pasadena City College's curator Brian Tucker organised a brilliant exhibition back in 2009 titled 'Mantong and Protong: Richard Sharpe Shaver and Stanislav Szukalski'. Sadly it seems no catalog has been printed. Read more on the similarities bot visionary artists:

So. Are the Yetinsyni really Deros in disguise? Can we explain the rock-books in terms of Zermatism?
Rea about Szukalski this blog: Behold, Szukalski

I'd like to see a comparison between Robert Garcet's antehominid sculptures and Richard Shaver's Rogfogo's on the one hand, and between Stanislav Szukalski's large bronze works and the large erotic bronze sculptures of Roland Monteyne.

Richard Shaver

Robert Garcet

Stanislaw Szukalski

Roland Monteyne

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