Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The best kept secret

Last week, preparing for Fly Agaric's Email to the Tribe course on the Maybe Logic Academy I was thinking on Giordano Bruno's bizarre idea of using archetypes as images in something quite trivial as a memory system to perform so-called magickal deeds.
Then I attended a lesson by my Kaballah teacher and asked him about the golem and was a bit disappointed by his negative reaction towards, again so-called magick.
And I thought - when we talk about magick, don't we simply mean metaprogramming? See the world differently and the world becomes different. Like magick. Just like magick.
And I thought about Joseph Campbell's interpretation of mythology through Jungian archetypes.
And then I pondered about what Antero Alli said concerning Astrology in his astounding Astrologik course: he couldn't tell why stars and constellations and planets at cosmical distances of the earth could influence us. It was just his experience that it looks that way. And astrology to him isn't a science nor a belief system, it's a language, with its grammar and rules. When talked in a civilized manner, it communicates like any other language.

Finally I had an epiphany and wrote the following bit:

As the star's configuration is said to draw destiny's stamp upon us, similarly our ways to cut images into the walls of our reality tunnels influence our life experience.
Change the image or form and the world will follow.
The Platonic concept of an 'ideal' world makes some sense to me - but as a highly personal realm of forms, paced here and there with the nodes of the synchronic network of the tribe: the archetypes. This is the individual paradigm, capable of transformation.
Real magick has nothing to do with performing changes in the material world, which paradoxically is only illusion, but with the craft of drawing alternative metaphors. Real magick is metaprogramming.
In the same way, learning the rich language that is astrology or listening to the mythological grapevine makes one see the world through trance-formed eyes. You'll hear a different tune when you're turning the knobs of a cosmic sound system.

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