Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Maybe Logic links

After 4 great days in Oxford last week for the sixth yearly MLA meeting here are some sites to delve deeper into this Maybe Logic thing.
First of all, the Maybe Logic movement started after the publication of the Maybe Logic DVD based on the life and works of Robert Anton Wilson.

A (free) forum was started about 7 years ago. It went through several versions, the current being the fifth (5 and a half actually). Regularly throughout the years online courses were organised, and so a small online community started to grow.
One main result of this community is the Only Maybe blog. In the past, an irregular ezine was published as well, the Maybe Quarterly - number fourteen, the last one being actually published as a hard copy. I've still got some exclusive and free copies left if anyone's interested.

The members of the MLA come from very different backgrounds and have very different interests; but they share a main passion for seeing the fnords and keeping at least one open reality tunnel. Bob Wilson's main catma remains "Think for yourself, schmuck!"
Here are some member's blogs:

And there's much, much, much more, like a collaborative Wiki on Bob Wilson's Illuminatus, a collaborative writing attempt , Rawilsonfans with a huge amount of resources concerning Bob Wilson, etc.

It seems lately more and more MLA members are somehow involved in writing projects. Some have published, others are in the process of being published. I feel extremely lucky to have met this ecclectic group of strange and shining personalities.

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