Thursday, July 15, 2010


Nothing published yet in 2010. It has been a hectic year. The few free time has been put to the good use of enjoying life. The rest was spend on work.
I miss the writing off course. I miss the insights, the sparkles through feedback with my fellow MLA critters. Whom I'll meet again one week from now, as the 6th MLA meeting shall take place on the 22nd till the 25th of July in the eerie city of Oxford. I expect many happy returns, the joy of catching a ghost, beautiful stories of medieval torture and decay, lots of Guinness and other clarifying materials, and words, words, words, words… But especially the divine company of shiny diamonds. I feel lucky to have joined the Maybe Logic Academy in 2004. Back then my only goal was to follow courses with Robert Anton Wilson. Which we all did, until he emmanentized the eschaton in 2006. The bright companionship of the people kept the relationships alive. The people became my goal. We started to meet, every year around the 23rd of July, a day chosen by RAW.
The forum almost sank into void for about a year; it was replaced by an underground eristic version. Today the MLA is slowly getting into its old normal speed, which is a few posts every day.
Today is the first day of my yearly vacation. I intend to make more time (from work, not from enjoying life) for online stuff, through this and my other blogs, and especially through the MLA.

I'd like to thank all MLA members which won't be there physically - Bobby, Psmith, Bhavani, Minnar, Propanon, Zenpunkist, B. Kane, Ragu, Phodecidus, Kebap, quackenbush, Hbillings, el8ed1, … and all the others.
You can bring a visit to some of the people who will be there (there's much more where it comes from):
Right… Well…
Me dea

Thanks a lot Bogus, Fuzzbuddy, Fly, Nonprophet, Diclonius, Chris, Tons, The Purple Gooroo. Each time the MLAmeeting is my yearly intake of entheomemes.

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