Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hoo Fhasa

I was flyering in the neighborhood
about a week after that my cat had disappeared, thinking there was little point but what the heck
after half an hour went looking for a place to hang a flyer where there was no chance he could show up
and almost pasted a flyer on him jumping from a windowsill.

(I had to lie down on the pavement for a few minutes before he trusted me enough to jump in my arms)

No idea whatsoever if there is a god (and frankly I never cared)
but I thank him. Today life is really, really good.


Bobby Campbell said...

I thought this cat might find his way home! I held off expressing condolence, ever weary of the jinx!

fine regards to all involved,

Toby said...

Zer cool, man.

Who knew cats read flyers...

ContactVincent said...

how did you know your cat would be able to read the flyers? :-)

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