Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Attempts to evaluate an entropic eschatology

This post was written in April 2007.  Ideas which deserve to be cont'd…

I realized several books I have been reading after one another seem to hint towards a similar concept. Amazing how Robert Anton Wilson's influence evolves; one of his great abilities was always to me how he managed to synchronize different ideas into new frameworks.

The Toth of coincidance
I'm talking about Korzybski's idea of time-binding, in which information builds itself upon previous information, creating an ever increasing maze throughout history.
  • In Right where you are sitting nowRobert Anton Wilson elaborates on George Anderla's statistics for the OECD from 1973, examining how much time is needed for the doubling of information in mankind. Wilson created the measure of 'One Jesus' for the total amount of information available at 1 AD. The increase of information seems to happen logarithmically. According to this theory, in december 2012 the information will double every single moment, creating a straight line in the graphic, meaning somehow the 'end of the world as we know it'.
  • In The Archaic Revival, Terence McKenna starts from Alfred N. Whiteheads theories of  novelty, as  well as from the  King  Wen sequence of the I Ching, to  provide a  complex theory arriving at similar conclusions: in this theory of 'temporal resonance' the universe runs towards a singularity, a degree of connectedness or novelty instead of entropy. By placing the 'zero point' on dec 12, 2012, the timewaves seem to concur the best. The same date on which according to the (time-obsessed) Maya calender, the great cycle ends.
  • I'd connect the idea of increasing interconnection and information with Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields, as in the experiments where stupid rats breeding with stupid rats not only became more and more intelligent when put in a maze, but their offspring performed even better; one would expect such a phenomenon when breeding smart rats.
  • In a booklet about the sky The sky - order and chaos   by J-P Verdet, a small chapter deals with the order provided by sun and moon cycles interconnecting, and how eclipses were seen as signs of entropy, for which the folk rituals of 'pandemonium' were created to provide a way to escape the chaos; similarly folk rituals called 'hullabaloos' were created for the village people to exorcize a marriage with a big difference in age. Both rituals aimed at trying to catch the cosmological or sociological monsters responsible for chaos.
  • A Dutch book called Media-archief by the collective authors Billwet, deals with media theories. Two essays particularly seemed relevant here: the first about Marshall McLuhan, the second about Jean Baudrillard.
  • Finally I'd link the whole paradox of entropy increase - decrease through time with the metaphor of Jacob's ladder in kaballah.

The self needs to dig deep into the earth before being able to elevate. This could mean that first a movement towards individuality and order is needed before going back towards a spiritual interconnected self and entropy. Or in other interpretations, first a logaritmic evolution towards entropy (viz the chaotic thought in a neural internet) and earthgroup spirit, followed by increasing order and spiritual individuality… Or maybe the hodge and the podge evolve both at the same pace, faster and faster towards a point zero - and the zero point could very well take place in 2012 - where similarly to the dichotomy in kaballah between good and evil, cause and effect, one would suddenly realize entropy and ectropy are just two aspects of the same beast. La bête imprévue Clinamen?


FLY AGARIC 23 said...

One of the most informative and incisive blogs i have read, keep up the good work...


borsky said...

Waugh I'm extremely flattered coming from such an erudite and creative wordsmith!
I keep getting stunned by master Fly's multiversic spore-adic free-styling musey-rooms

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