Saturday, March 21, 2009

Discordian spread on 21st March

Discordian spread on 21st march 2009, 9.45 PM
Wholly molly. Gives me the jeepers.

1. Central Card: Right where I'm sitting now: Confusion
Mythical perception: The Mandalabyrinth. Indeed I have no clue whatsoever where my life is leading me, all I can do is walk on and on and see what happens after next corner.
2. Lower Left card: the way the world influences me: Chaos
Sensorial perception: A Pale horse. Blinded by the light. Is it fear is it happiness will I smile or will I be blue?
3. Upper left card: obstacles ahead: Discord
Psychical expression: The Architect. At first I had no clue, but now i realize I have already shot down the inner voice. Saturn is numb, which might be one of the interpretations of the creator of inner worlds.
4. Lower right card: The way I affect the world: Bureaucracy
Sensorial digestion: The Shaman. This is so fitting, I once compared the hunter-gatherers who throw rocks at the magnificent sabretooth tigress down in the valley and then ran back to 'their' caves with 'their' wives and 'their' kids. I compared them with the village shaman who goes down the valley and walks together alongside the stream with the fierce tigress, respecting each other's freedom.
5. Upper right card: Possible outcome: Aftermath
Psychical digestion: The World. Sky is the limit… it all start to fit like jigsaw pieces, all effects and causes and it all fits.
No need to try anything, for the first time everything just happens. I'm immensely grateful for my last visit to Chapel Perilous. Something came back this time. Synchronicity has become an organ.

It dawns all cards are from three higher levels in the 8-circuits of consciousness… soundtrack: 'The wonder of you' by department S. Sounds a bit like the soundtrack from Twin Peaks.

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