Monday, December 29, 2008

This month's word: Cynosure

"I was a cynosure of all eyes wherever I went, for reasons I cannot understand." Swami Krishnananda, 'My life'.
Nothwithstanding the eerie feeling of 'guru spotting' flashing about on the screen of my bullshit detector, the word has a certain nobility; especially, I didn't expect such an obsolete word in a book by an Indian author (who obviously knew his world). It comes from the French 'Cynosure', an ancient name for Ursa Minor; originally from the Greek cynosura, litterally: 'Dog's tail'.
From there it came to mean the polar star, and hence, something that guides. And finally, the eye of the cyclone, the center of all attention, drawing all looks from its surroundings.
"The rooms were brilliant with lights and flowers, and gaiety and beauty, and intellect; and the lately shrinking country girl was the cynosure of all eyes - the most envied, the most dreaded, the most admired, the most loved." Alice Cary, 'Clovernook'.
I read it has to do with some multiversal world in comics as well. Why oh why, if the people who write this shit are so erudite, do they have to write such boring crap? Guess not everyone is Mike Mignolia, Dave Sim or Bobby Campbell! Speaking of which, be sure to visit his online
comic Okey-Dokey drawn by Marcelino Balao III. It's a cynosure of all eyes. And all dogs around will wag their tail in delight…

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