Thursday, December 18, 2008

Current projects

Resolutions for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and hopefully for later on as well

Currently I'm working on
- A long piece on Stanislaw Szukalski, trying to get my hands on every resource I can find; it would have fitted the old Maybe Quarterly format but since it suffered a premature death I think I'll put it here.
- A study based on the book 'Les Apocalypses' by Robert Garcet, of the already discussed Eben-Ezer tower, in French; said study I would like to send to the Carnets du 'Collège de 'Pataphysique, who wouldn't accept it as usually;
- I could do the same with the above Szukalski piece above when finished and adapt to a shorter bit in French, as far as I'm aware of not a lot has been written on him in this language - maybe someone like Yves Frémion who has been collecting wacko's for ages can prove me wrong, I'll have to research it;
- The very same I could adapt to dutch and would fit well on my Dutch 'pataphysical blog. Speaking of which, the Eburonic Chapter of 'Pataphysical Research han't been doing a lot this last half year.
- A collection of quotes from Alfred Jarry's "La chandelle verte" (Le Castor Astral Editeur), in French which I bought in Paris last summer during the MLA meeting. I might put it here as well, just for the few (English-speakinbg or otherwise) people who'd 'get' it.
- A traduction of RAW's Prometheus Rising in Dutch… It's horribly hard to do it justice, trying not to give a different, culturally biased meaning to Bob's very exact words. Feels like I'll be burned to the stake by the spanish Inquisition if I imply (or was it infer?) different meanings. No idea what I'll do with it, I intended if I ever manage to finish it as a gift for people I like who don't read English very well. Thinking of it, I once attempted a traduction of Tim Leary's Neurologic as well more than a year ago and stopped halfway. I just cannot write in Dutch, it always feels as if the soft bends in the phrases contain bones which suddenly crumble under the bite of a second read… Or maybe I just cannot write at all, at all, but my restrained knowledge of the English tongue helps my ego get away with it.
- An extended Gravity Rainbow's reader, featuring my favourite passages, in the form of a dictionary.
- I'm reading Edward De Bono's "Lateral Thinking" (which I bought for half a zilch in India) and I'm writing down the ideas. It's not a very good way of dealing with these ideas but I find myself too tired after hard day's work to keep them inbetween two readings. I might do something with all these note one day too.
- I have been dreaming of producing a titanesque work for ages now, about furnisculpture and sculptifurniture. Ever since I finished my degree in interior design in a previous life (a bit more than 20 years ago), I have been fascinated by the subject and the thin line between symbology (art) and usability (design). A thin book by Siah Armajani is still after all those years one of my favourites. There have been some essays on the subject, but as I collected a large database of examples (from Don Judd to Eberhard Bosslet) I really would like to do something big with it and my ideas about it. One day. Maybe another twenty years from now.
- I'm still distilling my notebooks from my youth 'till a few years back. Untill now it resulted in a few funny snippets on my French blog, but there's still lots and lots of stuff to work on.
- I started to work on an English impression of the dutch book by Marcus Landas "Brugge - een Corpus Hermeticum". I stopped halfway through for information overload.

Then I definitely want to do some of the MLA course this year. Maybe Lon Milo DuQuette's "Initation" (February 2-March 22)", or Erik Davis' "Gnosis now!"(February 23-April 5), or Antero Alli's absolutely brilliant "Angel Tech" (March 16-May 10) yet again, or Philip H. Farber's "Words & World" (April 6 - May 21), or (definitely!!!) Eric Wagner's (gaba gaba one of us) "Chapel Perilous" (May 18-July 12).
Speaking of which, I've been working at my job about 11 hours every weekday these last few weeks. Job at which (a formation school for adults providing courses on any subject imaginable) I intend to attend some evening courses this year. And I still have to get working an a gigantic website I started years ago. And there are so many books lying around I haven't read yet…
Uh, no, I don't think I wanna terminate all my karma in this life, I think I'll come back several times to get t the above done… for starters.

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