Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Dynamics of Ontology and Eschaton

I just heard an old lecture by Terence McKenna ('Earth Trust') where he mentionned the biblical "in the beginning was the verb, and the verb was made flesh". To him that little sentence stands at the source of our civilisation.
To me it suddenly seems the key to grok the hidden meaning of all three monotheistic religions in the West. In this interpretation, its location at the very beginning of the bible seems quite useful.
Its meaning to me could be synthesized in the following statements:
  1. Our world is made of words: the core of our reality consists of language.
  2. It is also specified our ideas about the world do not follow our impressions of it, but ‘contrarywise’ - our ideas shape our realitie(s.).
  3. The Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is also hidden in there: all we can say about consensus reality is the way we communicate about it.
  4. Kinda resonates with the buddhistic concept of reality as the ultimate illusion. Also reminds of Kafka's and Robert Anton Wilson's consecutive parables of the Door of the Law.
  5. In short it might prove useful if we should realize that everything we experience is a mental construction, so that the only valable object of study would be the way we look at the world. Let's try to expand and explore our reality tunnels, instead of claiming to try to ‘know’ a certain dogmatic truth.
It seems strange how gnosticism, kabbalah and sufism all saw this as the expression of the ontogeny of how we realize our life – every second of it, while christendom, jewdom and islam all interpreted this passage as the ontogeny both in time and space in the beginning of history and through the creation of matter; further on elaborating in the same chronology with the downfall and the idea of punition and redemption; and finally offering the concept of the eschaton as placed on a time belt as well.
Maybe both ontology and eschaton might be considered out of time as a dynamic duo of self-realization. Seeing the world as a hologram - a projection - also means to accept the fractalized universe. Might we therefore imagine infinity in a grain of sand and the angels of beginning and of ending on the same end of a pin, not competing but as two aspects of the same?

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