Friday, January 26, 2007

Dwarves standing on the shoulders of giants

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Bob's Meme-orial on February, 18th shall become a worldwide event. Apart from the major Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Meme-orial in Santa Cruz, it seems more and more activities get organised worldwide. The Robert Anton Wilson Wake Blog centralizes all this information.

In Europe lots of plans it seems but nothing concrete yet. I'll try to update this post when information becomes available.
Donnacha Delong goes for London,
Wal for Trier or Koblenz,
Purple Gooroo might go for Oxford
and Rev. Clarry might do Brussels
all contact e-mails at the above Wake Blog.

Here at the Eburonic Convent of 'Pataphysics HQ the Archdruid might have a lonely ritual involving insane doses of Guinness and Absinthe. On the other hand, I could go to London or Brussels. If I don't find a leprechaun very soon a journey halfway to the other side of the globe seems phynancially out of question. Maybe…

Wordt wakker België
Réveille-toi Belgique


Reverend Clarry said...

Heyhey! Thanks for the post at my forum. Now I know at least four Belgian (all Flemish, mezelfe inbegrepen) Wilson-heads. That's enough to gather and play cards or drinking games or sumthingemajing :-)
Too bad I never took a Wilson course at MLA. The enrollment fees seemed to be somewhat highish, kind-a SNAFU, they didn't accept Norton I Dollars either.

borsky said...

… en toen waren ze met vier. The fees after the facts seem pretty cheap, given eight weeks of intensive forum-based feedback in a highly cultivated and friendly comunity. The forum itself, free from the courses, used to go at 60 $ a year OR free after enrolling for one course, but now the rules changed with a new version of the forum and I have no idea how it will evolve. This forum has now gone semi-public, so guests can freely read all the posts without the ability to post themselves.
Go to ad click on the Forum icon. Other teachers seem fascinating as well (I had one course, Angel Tech, I'll never forget which blasted my consciousness up to Sirius and back, under Antero Alli; and recently rev. Ivan Stang gave a cult course). I seem the only Belgian on board for 3 years in a row.
Right where I'm sitting now I'm still considering doing the most foolish thing in my present financial situation and board a plane to Santa Cruz. This shall remain in a Maybe state until the vector collapses I guess. I'll regret it either way.
If something goes on in Brussels, maybe watching the Maybe Logic DVD and some other Wilson Mpgs I have? Drinks should include Guinness and food, flying lasagnas.

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