Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The train of missed opportunities

Visiting all the wagons in a drunken brawl
Not realizing what is not in the picture
Only later on, missing the station
A pair of eyes in the distance
A fragment of laughter

Is it ever too late?
I can still go back and make the change
I'm only twenty
said the nonagenarian, rising from his bed, falling over his muscleless legs
and breaking his hip

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All of value is impermanent


It has come to my attention through the excellent Laughing Bone blog that the blog which for me meant the absolute summum in weblogging, the encyclopedic and sublime Giornale Nuovo has come to an end.
This comes as a blow. For years now Mr H , the visionary archiver behind the blog, has enchanted me with the biggest marvels online. Not only did he manage to find the most rare and bizarre pieces of art, spanning the entire history of mankind, but he was able to distill his critical thoughts into a very pleasant reading. And he had a great addendum to this apogee of curiosities: he put Isaac D'israeli's "Curiosities of literature" online as well, a treasure well for a fan of 'fous littéraires' or 'kooks' as myself.
As I'm used from the writer, an very casual note appears on top of the homepage:
"A weblog was updated here between October 2002 and October 2007. Although now closed, its archives will be kept on-line until further notice"
In my opinion, this entire site should be kept as a time-capsule and protected as a monument by the United Nations. And for once I'm not being sarcastic: visit the site and if you have some decency you'll admit there's some truth in what I claim. Giornale Nuovo offered an interlinked overview of hermetic engraving, outsider art, bizarre children's books, hidden masterpieces and much more. I shall miss it dearly.

Who am I?

A question I finally decided to ask myself using one of the most advanced tools available. So I googled 'Borsky'.
Here I discovered my animus is a painter, my anima a writer (influenced by the moon), my id is an actor from Prague in the thirties, my ego a photographer from Sao Paulo, my superego's a researcher on the psychological effects of aircraft noise no less. Oh and my family probably comes from Russia. And I directed a masterpiece of experimental cinema putting all perspectives upside-down.

I finally realize some questions remain better in the shadows of a doubt.

The smile of Schrödinger's cat

"According to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle one can either acknowledge the spin or the exact location of a quantum particle. This strange idea resulted in the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox, which basically said if two particles were separated over a long distance and one was measured, information about the other could arrive at a speed faster than light, which according the the general relativity is impossible. Now Aspect used this as a model to design an experiment in which he proved the EPR was wrong. Het took apart two spinning particles, send them to two different directions, measured the spin on the first and intantaneously knew the spin on the second. According to some, information is not a physical resource and as such might travel faster than light."

The professor put down his glasses, and suddenly said: "But… if you measure the spin of a particle, don't you first have to localize it?"

Universe collapsed.
And god took the dice and gave them to the professor. "Your turn", said a hoovering voice.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Suddenly he realized he felt like a ragged empty shell of worn-out meat.

Trying to keep the shape he had formed his entire life into until then, he started to shiver.
The combustion was gone, all that was left was the memory of heat.
There was, however, no pain.
He wanted to feel the pain, real bad, but it had left with all his other lodgers.
Like if it had had its importance while it longed, sheltering him, revealing itself to him when it was gone.
His pain had been working as an essential organ all that time and he had been convinced, more, certain, that he had to soothe it to have a worthwile life.
Not so.
Pain had kept him in shape.
Pain had kept his engine running.

And now he floated surrounding emptyness, surrounded by noise.
He was quite convinced there was still some spark in him; according to his actions outside in the world of apparences it certainly seemed so, even more, much more than before.
All his innards were projected outside and he didn't have clue if that was a good thing or not.
The emptyness he used to feel at his edges had moved to the inside, and the richness he had felt at his core had shifted to his surface.

It dawned on him.
That was the spark:
Everything was reversed.
He had no idea whatsoever who he was.
And he had never been so sure about what he would become.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

a small one

As an answer to the question "Who’s your favourite actor?", I’d say the guy who played the lost trapper in the movie 'Dreamcatcher' written by Stephen King, who was completely off the map, and then in the course of the movie started meticulously to shit himself until he died with his bowels all over the place. I cannot imagine the poor guy ever had the opportunity to work for the film industry again.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mostly Harmless

It is said the tradition we received from the Templars originated from Adam through Salomon. It was kept through the Roman Mystery cults (Eleusis), the school of Pythagoras, the Essenes (the Red Sea Scrolls), the Kabbalists, the Rosicrucians. One of the brotherhoods that passed on the knowledge (gnosis) was said to be a strange group of naked men walking from village to village in India.
When the army of the Macedonian Alexander the Great reached the Indian sub-continent in the fourth century before the Christian era, they dubbed them Gymnosophists (the naked philosophers). Macedonian philosopher Onesicritus was dispatched to try to understand their belief system. The founder of scepticism, Pyrrho, also researched their ideas. As a result, nudity became accepted in some Greek subcultures, among which the Spartans.
Most probably those wandering men were Jains, an offshoot of Hinduism from the 5th century BC, known for promoting non-violence and veganism. Another group called the Ajivikas has similar ideas, but believes we should accept whatever fate throws at us. Both cults give up worldly goods, symbolized by their nakedness.
Further on, the jains themselves separated into two factions, in the North the Svetambar Jains and in the South the Digambar Jains. The former holds the - in hinduist circles - progressive view that women are spiritually equal to men. Also because of the colder climate in the North, they found it impractical to remain naked and started to wear white cloths (hence their name). In contrast, Digambar means ‘clothed with the sky'.

Today in India the Jains still walk the earth, sweeping the ground before their feet to be sure not to kill insects.
And the New Gymnosophist Society in the Western world promotes naturism. Their most famous member was Gerald Gardner, the founder of modern day wicca…

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pull my finger

Once you'll stop
from the bottom of your being

and start the action
from your non-being

and only then
will you be able to make a new choice

this is the teaching our deaths offer

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Dynamics of Ontology and Eschaton

I just heard an old lecture by Terence McKenna ('Earth Trust') where he mentionned the biblical "in the beginning was the verb, and the verb was made flesh". To him that little sentence stands at the source of our civilisation.
To me it suddenly seems the key to grok the hidden meaning of all three monotheistic religions in the West. In this interpretation, its location at the very beginning of the bible seems quite useful.
Its meaning to me could be synthesized in the following statements:
  1. Our world is made of words: the core of our reality consists of language.
  2. It is also specified our ideas about the world do not follow our impressions of it, but ‘contrarywise’ - our ideas shape our realitie(s.).
  3. The Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is also hidden in there: all we can say about consensus reality is the way we communicate about it.
  4. Kinda resonates with the buddhistic concept of reality as the ultimate illusion. Also reminds of Kafka's and Robert Anton Wilson's consecutive parables of the Door of the Law.
  5. In short it might prove useful if we should realize that everything we experience is a mental construction, so that the only valable object of study would be the way we look at the world. Let's try to expand and explore our reality tunnels, instead of claiming to try to ‘know’ a certain dogmatic truth.
It seems strange how gnosticism, kabbalah and sufism all saw this as the expression of the ontogeny of how we realize our life – every second of it, while christendom, jewdom and islam all interpreted this passage as the ontogeny both in time and space in the beginning of history and through the creation of matter; further on elaborating in the same chronology with the downfall and the idea of punition and redemption; and finally offering the concept of the eschaton as placed on a time belt as well.
Maybe both ontology and eschaton might be considered out of time as a dynamic duo of self-realization. Seeing the world as a hologram - a projection - also means to accept the fractalized universe. Might we therefore imagine infinity in a grain of sand and the angels of beginning and of ending on the same end of a pin, not competing but as two aspects of the same?

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The founding of the ECPR

I exceptionaly translated the founding rapport. In order to read the future posts in its blog, Dutch or more precisely Flemish shall be necessary I'm afraid.

Notes from the first Druidic Conventicle
Founding rapport of the Eburonic Chapter for 'Pataphysical Research

Art. 1
The Eburonic Chapter or 'Pataphysical Research has three types of members:
The Oblates. External members, correspondants, sympathizers and critters who shine for their unconscious pataphysical characteristics.
De Ovates. The main group, full members who have applied for membership according to the rules as mentioned under Art. 2.
The Ornates. People, animals or abstract concepts: from a pure 'pataphysical point of view, they relate to the Ovates as the Ovates relate to the Oblates. Ornates reside in ethernity, and have to account to nobody.

Art. 2
In order to become an Ovate, it is necessary either to show a high 'Pataphysical profile, either to make a donation to the Morosofic(*) Dept. of the Ubulibrary. According membership is at the discrecy of a Druidic Conventicle or an Eburonic Bardo.
(*) a Morosophic book has been defined by Matthijs van Boxsel, and by Raymond Queneau and André Blavier before him, as a publication showing ideas that fall outside of consensus, and who have no followers except for the writer.
Membership is permanent, only an exceptional decision by the Anathematic Court can revoke one. Dying is by no means an excuse to abandon membership.

Art. 3
Every member has one or more titles. De worldly name might be used at will, but have only an anecdotical value.

Art. 4
The Eburonic Chapter or 'Pataphysical Research was founded on the 16th Phalle 134 by the following founding members:
The Apostatical Heresiarch. Bears the highest decision-making rank. Was elected by pure chance. Main characteristic: absence.
The Apostolical Exarch. Assists the Apostatic Heresiarch, offers a bias to the information and makes sure everything goes wrong.
The Apological Eparch. Assists both the Apostatical Heresiarch and the Apostolical Exarch and searches for stupid excuses for their sloppy management.
The Autokefalical Mafrian. The only Ovate who has to report to no one. Because of this prerogative, automatically presides the Anathematic Court.
Whenever these four highest ranking members meet, they form a Druidic Conventicle.

Founding Ovates:
The Chorepiscopic Protonotary. A member who lives in the country, keeps track of the notes of every meeting and collects them for the Blog.
The Apocalyptical Nuntius: the main responsible for the failures in the meetings. Works together with the Megalithical Gardinal.
The Megalithical Gardinal is the host and organizer of the meetings.
The Katatonical Kakapitteleer is the master of ceremonies who works together with the Apocalyptical Nuntius and the Megalithical Gardinal.
In the function of replacing the absent Apostatical Heresiarch, restrains from any activity during the meetings.
The Anacoluthical Iconoclast is responsible for all visuals.

Art. 5
Because of its highly chaotical nature, a meeting of all the members is called an Eburonic Bardo.

Art. 6
The Eburonic Chapter for 'Pataphysical Research is divided into different laboratories. Members can participate in one or more domains of research. As for now, the following chairs have been created (some Flemish expressions cannot survive translation):

The Morosophic Cabinet: researches the Flemish Morosophy, in publication or on the internet.

The Landard of Patadigmas: researches strange and unusual aspects of Dutch folk-lore and legends, according to the model provided by Charles MacKay in his 'Extroardinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds'.

The Avatary of Pataphores: does sociological research for new metaphors born from diverse interactions. Uses the model of the 'meme' but tries to discover as many dissenting interpretations as possible. Its members are called 'memebers'.

The Ambulatory of Tsimtsum: High Patakabbalistic Research. Main source: 'Towards a 'patakabbalah'.

The Saturnian Guild: responsible for all the publications of the Chapter.
Is represented through 'L'Aérolithe d'Orichalque', editor.

The Nering of Treshittery: accounts for the Phynancial side for the Saturnian Guild.

The Gymnasium of Posophy: tries to discover new acrobatical relationships between loose ideas according to the 'Po-relation' of Edward de Bono.

The Habdank Skarbek Questiorium: asks questions from the perpective of Korzybski's Anthropometer. Which questions might or might not recieve feedback from the Avatary of Pataphores.

The Erisian Sorority: accepts only women. Specializes in conspiracy and the organisation of discord. According to its nature, cannot house more than one member.
Because of internal conflicts, the chair remains empty.

The Chamber of Lexicosophical Rhetorics: researches language in a creative manner. New words, aphorisms and contradictory definitions.

The Anathematic Court: is called in whenever the internal disorder is in jeopardy, which has never happened until now.

The Catmachemical Synod: accepts only cats (living or dead). All members are Ornates by definition. Their goal is to soften all dogmas from the Science and replace them with smoother catmas. Their adaptive qualities are used to send other members on the wrong trail. Suggested reading: 'The Catmachemical Marriage of Christian von Katzenjammer'.

New chairs can be created by a Druidic Conventicle or an Eburonic Bardo.

the Chorespicopic Protonotary,

Nederlandse versie

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The Eburonic Chapter for 'Pataphysical Research

The Eburonic Chapter for 'Pataphysical Research has just been founded.
The founding Ornatic members,
the Apostatical Heresiarch,
the Apostolical Exarch,
the Apological Eparch,
the Autokefalical Maffrian
and the founding Ovatic members,
the Chorepiscopic alProtonotary,
the Apocalyptical Nuntius,
the Megalithical Gardinal,
the Catatonical Cacapitteleer and
the Anacoluthical Iconoclast
Invite you
to learn Dutch and visit the Chapter on the following blog:

Eburoons Kapittel voor 'Patafysische Vorsing

the Chorepiscopic Protonotary,

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Through the looking glass

Fritz Spiegl (27 January 1926 - 23 March 2003) was a musician, journalist, broadcaster, humorist and collector of Austrian origin who lived and worked in England from 1939. As a jew he fled the nazis and on arrival in Britain, Spiegl was sent to a minor public school, where he learned little beyond "rugger, plane-spotting and a bit of Latin". Every Saturday, for eight years, Spiegl would discuss such bizarre matters as the use of the word "lie", the flagrant misuses of parliamentary language, the prevalence of tautology in popular speech and the verb "jubilize" as it was employed during Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. He kept collecting peculiar notions and anecdotes throughout his life.

On the first of April, 1960 the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra flute player Spiegl played an instrument of his own creation, the Loophonium. You can listen to a podcast here. Or read the transcript. As mentioned during the presentation, "The perfect Surrealist work of art was once described as the meeting of an umbrella and a bicycle on a dissecting table. This is the marriage of a euphonium and a lavatory".

In 1952 he started organising 'April Fool's Day Concerts', such as a concerto for two tuning forks, a Motor Horn Concerto or Rossini's La Cenerentola played on 8 grand piano's by 16 pianists. He left the Liverpool Philharmonic after he decided to play his part on regular concerts half a tune lower than he should have. He became partly deaf, according to him due to the copper section, but remained an active composer - one of his most famous works was BBC's Radio 4 UK theme.

The Loophonium, also called the 'Harpic-phone' whose lid was lifted whenever Rule Brittania was played, can be admired and heard at the Walker Museum in Liverpool.

Spiegl wrote very odd books, amongst them several books on Liverpool dialect, and

"the words and music of forty-two songs and other musical matter, all relating to medicine … Spiegl's anecdotes and historical vignettes provide a  characteristic blend of humour and education, updating the reader on phrenology, laughing gas, Burke and Hare, and the undertaker Bantry who first linked obesity with early death"

from the Journal of the Royal society of Medicine

About which a work in progress can be found on the Scouse Press site.

"KORO/KURU With Creutzfeldt-Jakob and “Mad Cow” disease in the news, the MEDIA have become aware of other degenerative brain diseases, like kuru, endemic in parts of New Guinea and caused by cannibal consumption of brain tissue. It is not to be confused with koro, also a complaint suffered by NATIVES. This, though imaginary, causes fear and distress among certain African tribes, whose menfolk believe that witch-doctors have cast a spell on their penises to make them shrink. And, as if by magic, the more they worry about it the worse the condition gets."

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Monday, March 26, 2007



The sudden realization
that you were illuminated all the time
but had failed to notice it

Friday, January 26, 2007

Dwarves standing on the shoulders of giants

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Bob's Meme-orial on February, 18th shall become a worldwide event. Apart from the major Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Meme-orial in Santa Cruz, it seems more and more activities get organised worldwide. The Robert Anton Wilson Wake Blog centralizes all this information.

In Europe lots of plans it seems but nothing concrete yet. I'll try to update this post when information becomes available.
Donnacha Delong goes for London,
Wal for Trier or Koblenz,
Purple Gooroo might go for Oxford
and Rev. Clarry might do Brussels
all contact e-mails at the above Wake Blog.

Here at the Eburonic Convent of 'Pataphysics HQ the Archdruid might have a lonely ritual involving insane doses of Guinness and Absinthe. On the other hand, I could go to London or Brussels. If I don't find a leprechaun very soon a journey halfway to the other side of the globe seems phynancially out of question. Maybe…

Wordt wakker België
Réveille-toi Belgique

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Godbye and goodspeed

Robert Anton Wilson has left his mortal illusion today 11th of january 2007

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Monday, January 01, 2007

A wish

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