Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A canoe of wombs

I developped a neurotarot for which I wrote a bit for the Maybe Quarterly Vol. 3 Iss. 2.
At the end of it I imagined a few practical uses. By combining two of those methods it seems I opened a can of worms… Or a handy trick to show off (as the French say 'épater la galerie'). I'd call this method The Discordian Spread.

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Try to think of a level of awareness where you feel work has to be done. For this example I thought sometimes I don't quite express my emotions in a very useful way, so I chose card 6, The Queen of Wants.
Put it in the middle. This is the first of five cards, associated with the Discordian Confusion: the heart of the cyclone or present situation.

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Then take four cards at random and put them around it like the points in the five on a dice.
The lower left card shows the way the world influences you: Chaos. I got The Mathematician.
The upper left card shows the obstacles ahead: Discord. I got The World.
The lower right card shows how you affect the world: Bureaucracy. I got The Earth Mother.
The upper right card shows a temporary possible result: Aftermath. I got The White Rabbid.

Now every card symbolizes a characteristic of every level.
Mathematician = analysis, World = insight, Earth Mother = fertility and White Rabbid = purpose.
So on the path of expressing my emotional awareness, I got mainly influenced by analysing my surroundings, my insights may make it harder for me to keep on track, but if I offer a fertile feedback to my surroundings, I shall reach my goal.
Incroyable, non?

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