Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Mirror

We are trained to see our mind as inside our body. We are trained to perceive our thoughts and think: this must be my mind. We are trained to feel pleasure or pain and feel: this must be my body.

"I was never 'in' the body anymore than a sonata is 'in' the instrument"
RAW, The earth will shake p.351

It dawns on me that our body 'is in' or 'is formed by' our mind, just as a sonata emanates from an instrument.
The kabbalistic theory of emanations; higher and higher levels of perceptions, each higher step as the source of the lower one: the tree of life showed upside-down bearing the fruit of the tree of knowledge, itself bearing the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, itself the origin of the material world.

"Light was the secret, the first matter of the alchemists. God's first commandment was not 'let there be matter', but 'let there be light'."
RAW, The earth will shake p.347

Matter seen as a result of vibrations. Quantum theory accepts matter as particles in some ways, as waves in some ways, as matter and waves in some ways. String theory goes further into the vibratory aspect, so does the branes theory. All searching for the alchemist's stone: the Unified Grand Field Theory. Is it possible that third gear conceptual mind acts like a blindfold by working out concepts upon concepts, trying to see the bigger picture connecting separate dots of our understanding while these dots only show our lack thereof? In the emanations point of view the perceived world(s) is nothing but the world of forms, resulting from the light. Any sculptor knows that form is made by light. Szukalski was the best photographer of his own work.

"(…)it was nothing more complicated than his own mind purged of the habits and limits of a lifetime. (…) more like a mirror than a sun: reflective."
RAW, The earth will shake p.351

Kaballah sees the physical body as a costume we wear on the stage of life; our personality or self-perception as the role. This is a way of simplifying things for those still going down Jacob's ladder.
Every kaballistic text tells the story of the light going down the ladder deep into the matter. Every kaballist should try to mirror the story and try to go up again. From a frog perspective one can see the body as a little self inside the greater minds: soul, spirit, divine self… But the illusion pervails as long as the mind stays in the three lower gears.

Some models show the material world of action (Assiyah) as a reflection through the psychical world of formation(Yetzirah) of the spiritual world of creation (Beriah). With the self in the material world, all perceptions seem mirrored. Confusion arises when the self reaches the higher psyche sensing some idea of the reflection, and lots of diverging theories are made up trying to explain the confusion away, to cling on to the seemingly safer material perception.

The body is a construct of the mind. All the matter a few notes played by the light. And what I call 'I' only reflections on a mirror.
We are knots.


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"the reverberration of knotcracking awes, the reconjungation of nodebinding ayes, the redissolusingness of mindmouldered ease "
Jjames Joyce in FW]
"Cutting paths into youknight and knot tribes and
[Acrillic in Maybe Quarterly]

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