Friday, December 23, 2005

Paranoia-criticism in the afterlife

Which of the following statements does seem probable to you?

1. For the Inuit, after death the gigantic walrus Tornasuk comes stealing the souls with his body full of suction cups.

2. For the Samoans, the soul of those who die in a bath tub are taken by a white rabbit eating its own head.

3. The Aztecs helped the deceased on their after-life travel by sacrifying either a lama, a servant or a midget. If the living heart of a midget was ripped of, the soul was assured to reach Tonatiouchican, the place of annihilation.

4. For the Hindous, an atman (individual soul) who takes the lunar path but still wants to return to life, starts having erotic dreams of a man and a woman, who embarassingly become his father and mother after its reincarnation.

I Just finished reading "Guide de l'au-delà" by pataphysician Ornella Volta (Balland, 1972) concerning the different cosmogonies of the afterlife. It's like a catalog explaining what you need to know and do if you choose a certain death. Illustrations were by french SF comic artist Philippe Druillet (who recently became JK Rowling's fiancé!)
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Hint: one of the statements above is just plain gonzo.

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