Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hellzapoppy New Yiels

May 2006 provide you all a big step forward.
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A happy Kin 2, year of the Yellow Cosmic Seed according to the 13 moon calendar
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According to Wikipedia's list of calendars or Calendrical calculations:

  • 18th december 2005 according to the Julian calendar
  • Decade II, primidi 11 nivôse 214 for the french republican calendar
  • Yom shabbat 30 kislev 5766 for the jewish calendar
  • 30 yaum as-sabt 1426 for the muslim calendar
  • First day of sharaf according to the Baha'i
  • 2005-W52-6 for the ISO 8601
  • 1135987200 Unix time value
  • Ante diem XV Kalends January, 2006 C.E. for the Romans

  • Shanbeh 10 DEy 1384 for the Persians
  • 14 Pachon 2754 for the Egyptians
  • Shabath 9 arach 1459 for the Armenians
  • Psabbaton 22 Klyahk 1722 for the Copts
  • Kidamme 22 Takhass 1998 for the Ethiopians
  • Sanivara 30 margasirsha 2062 for the Hindis
  • Menga Beteng Jaya Paing Was Saniscara Kala Ogan Dewa for the Balinese
  • 12 baktun.19katun.12tun.16uinal.13kin for the Mayan
  • 31 Zeus in the Poundian calendar
  • 73 Realpolitik for the Illuminati
  • Setting Orange, The Aftermath 73, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3171 according to the Discordian calendar
  • Mardi 3 décervelage 133 de l'Ere Pataphysique according to the calendrier perpétuel.

I'm totally indebted to Robert Anton Wilson's How to live Eleven Days in 24 hours. If you're still convinced there is only one time continuum, you really should epiphanize in confusion and read it!


Acrillic said...

Most excellent time-travel device you have constructed.

happy new years and years.


borsky said...

Thanx mate
You made me read again "How to Construct a Time Machine" by my master Alfred Jarry. As translated by Roger Shattuck (note synchronuous words 'locus', 'geodesic' and especially… 'non-euclidean'!)
"A Time Machine, that is, a device for exploring Time, is no more difficult to conceive of than a Space Machine, whether you consider Time as the fourth dimension of Space or as a locus essentially different because of its contents.
Ordinarily, Time is defined as the locus of events, just as Space is the locus of bodies. Or it is defined simply as succession, whereas Space -- (this will apply to all spaces: Euclidean or three-dimensional space; four-dimensional space implied by the intersection of several three-dimensional spaces; Riemannian spaces, which, being spheres, are closed, since the circle is a geodesic line on the sphere of the same radius; Lobatchevski's spaces, in which the plane is open; or any non-Euclidean space identifiable by the fact that it will not permit the construction of two similar figures as in Euclidean space) Space is defined by simultaneity."
Read the hole @

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