Saturday, December 24, 2005

Doity woids

Some words seem to possess a certain materiality to some people. Some of them are considered dirty, as if covered with slime, festering from all its smelly orifices, smelling horribly.
Often an education with many rules and taboos will have a bigger impact on the sensitivity to certain expressions.
I find recurring words appallingly dirty. Words used over and over again, hollowed, having lost mosbunall relationship to their etymologies. Opened up, gutted, slashed open with the blunt instrument of stupidity, clichéed beyond recognition, swollen horribly by truisms, left aside the road of language waiting to be picked up and thrown out of the vehicle of reason over and over… Words like democracy, energy, people, spirituality, good, bad, intense, belief, fantastic… used, misused and abused by the same people lacking any feeling of basic thought decency. To me those are the true 'dirty words', like thorned rags thrown away and worn again. Words like 'shit' and 'fuck' seem only dirty to me precisely because they lost their ties with defecation and fornication, two perfectly natural activities.
Words without volume are the pornography of the language.

A fresh living language is freed from any form of censorship. I especially appreciated Gershon Legman's studies on curses and verbal agression. Part of those can be found at Maledicta Press. with lots of texts by Reinhold Aman too.
They threw Mike Dianna in jail… and then they started Desert Storm.

Don't get me wrong. When obscenity becomes an obsession, when abusive language is abused, the same boredom takes over in the abuse of words as it seems the case with puritan do-gooders.
Freedom and open mind should always pervail.

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